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Sometimes, goals just leave you speechless.

Filthy, Federico.

Jul 21, 2014 / 2 notes

Besler and Zusi: The Contracts

What does everyone think about Besler and Zusi deciding to take bigger contracts at SKC as opposed to playing on a lower level PL team (or mid level Bundesliga)?

Obviously there are two main arguements here; boosting MLS purchase power and level vs. Higher level competition to prepare them for 2018.

I wanna hear some good opinions, so message away.


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Part two of the previous world cup match recap (PART ONE)

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A quick recap of this previous world cup game (PART TWO)

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Yedlin to Roma Confirmed(?)

I’m seeing some tweets about Yedlin to AS Roma being a done deal. He will finish the 2014 season, heading to Roma afterwords.

Jul 6, 2014 / 2 notes

Yedlin Trial with Liverpool Unlikely

A bunch of rumors surrounding Yedlin and Liverpool have basically been negated by an article by SB Nation just released 15 minutes ago. (Sorry I didn’t link, it’s not working. Just google Yedlin Liverpool.)

There is no real reason to believe that Liverpool have given any thought to trialing Deandre midway through a great season at Seattle.

That is all.

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Besler to SC Freiburg?

Apparently SC Freiburg is discussing a transfer of Matt Besler. The initial number being thrown around is $3.9 million.

Not sure if its a great move, but Besler won’t be going to any top teams so maybe a mid-low tier Bundesliga team would be an acceptable choice, and may also press him to be a better player.

Lemme know if you guys like/dislike/are indifferent about the rumored move.

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Freddy Adu Trialing at AZ Alkmaar

Yep. You read that correctly. Aron Johannsson’s current club, and Jozy’s previous club, have agreed to let Adu take part in a trial. If everything goes well, this would be a huge step forward for the forgotten winger, who was once the US’ most promising young talent.

Still need to let this sink in.


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Deandre Yedlin to Sign With Roma

A fairly credible source has come forward saying that the young right back will be playing for the Serie A giants next season.

Hopefully he’ll drag Bradley back with him.

*EDIT* Yedlin is to complete AS Roma signing and then stay in Seattle on loan next season.


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Trade Rumors



Besler - QPR and Cardiff

Yedlin - Inter Milan and Roma

*note that these are rumors from different people and websites that aren’t 100% credible.

This would be great to see though, especially for Yedlin.

I can only hope it’s true. The only source was an Italian website that I couldn’t read, but was it was linked saying it was a source for the transfer rumors.

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